To start I have two people in mind, their support, I thought both amazing and kind.

Maria was first and her advice was better than google or any device.

Such a lovely person that made me feel that life is worth living, prioritise and keep it real.

Try to take one step at a time make sure you can walk before you can climb.

My condition caused anger and frustration this amazing lady calmed me and sorted my medication.

Never a call was late as promised on time, be strong young man you will be fine.

Maria moved mountains with me a bright horizon became clearer to see. Then gave targets to achieve then wish me well before annual leave.

I was passed to Chris an amazing guy, delivered and arranged food that I couldn’t buy. Chris had temporarily taken over same as Maria as my four leaf clover.

These journeys are long, effort and time. But the help is there, don’t frown, smile and shine. Without question it’s an amazing service. My heart goes to these people that deserve it.

I hope the government give financial support, these amazing people really care with tender thought.



September 2020