Hello, thank you for visiting my fundraising page.  So, here we are, the Virgin London Marathon 2020 ballot said Congratulations!!
Only recently I said “I’m happy just doing 10k runs, I don’t even want to do a half but if I got the opportunity to do the London marathon I’d have to go for it as I’ve always wanted to do it, but that will never happen….. “
So, here I am at my age in training for such a huge challenge and as I work for YSS, it’s an opportunity to raise some much needed funds for our discretionary fund.
The YSS discretionary fund is set up to provide practical support to our service users who do not have the funds themselves; this might be emergency food, overnight accommodation, clothes for an interview, a counselling session, train/bus fare to an interview/new job, school uniform, a washing machine or an oven. It can make such a massive difference to people both in the short term, and in the long run in terms of helping them get back on their feet.

I need lots of encouragement so any support you can give will help to get me out training and give me that extra boost on the day. Thank you.

Ann Winter