An inspirational young carer who helps to look after her mum and dad has raised more than £60 to support other people like her, by holding a ‘dress down day’ at her school and donating the funds to Worcestershire Young Carers, a service delivered by independent charity YSS.

Naomi Steadman, a 16 year old student at Waseley Hills High School in Rubery, Birmingham, recently held a dress down day for students in year 12 and year 13 to raise money to support young carers.

The fundraising teen, who lives in Rubery with her mum, Wendy, and dad, Andrew, said: “I decided to raise money for Worcestershire Young Carers because I have been supported by Worcestershire Young Carers at YSS for more than three years. A lot of my friends and teachers still find a stigma attached to the label of being a carer, so I wanted to take the opportunity to raise awareness of what it means to be a young carer and to raise money to support other people in my situation.”

Naomi, who is keen to pursue a career in Psychology, supports her mum who has long-term illness, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and her dad who suffers from depression.

She said: “Mum has had arthritis for several years and she will have it until she dies. It limits her with certain activities like walking or standing for long periods of time. My role changes throughout the year due to cold and bad weather affecting her joints more than usual, so helping her to keep warm and making sure she takes pain killers is really important.

“I also remind Dad to take his medication and I try to cheer him up. I try not to be a grumpy teenager but sometimes I can’t help it.”

Seventy students arrived at school in their pyjamas or casual clothes, and raised £63 for Worcestershire Young Carers in the process.

Lorraine Preece, Chief Executive at YSS, said: “I’d like to say a huge thank you to Naomi for organising a brilliant fundraising event and for raising such a fantastic donation for Worcestershire Young Carers! The money will be used to help pay for clubs and activities for young carers in Worcestershire, which are vitally important in giving young carers the chance to take a break from their caring responsibilities, socialise with their peers and have some fun.”

Naomi added: “I’m pleased I was able to donate to YSS to support Worcestershire Young Carers. It’s a great service that has supported me and I know my donation will be put to good use to help other young carers enjoy themselves and meet other people in similar situations.”

To donate to Worcestershire Young Carers and help pay for the cost of transporting a young carer to and from a club, please click here to give £20 today.