Worcestershire Young Carers is busy marking Young Carers Awareness Day today, 30th January, with events being held at schools in the county and promotional events taking place at Co-op stores in Worcester, to raise awareness of the needs of young carers and encourage people to support Worcestershire Young Carers as the supermarket’s local cause.

Meanwhile, a group of eight adult young carers is being treated to a day’s pampering in new, luxury care home Richmond Villages Welcome Spa in Evesham. The group is enjoying use of the pool and gym, and each receiving an hour’s massage or manicure.The Worcestershire Young Carers team is also holding assemblies and drop in events at schools around Worcestershire. Schools are signing pledges to identify and support young pupils who have a caring role at home. 

Young carer, Emily, said: "Being a young carer does have its challenges, but it's also been a really good experience for me as it has shaped me into the person I am. I want people to know that every young carer has different experiences and we all need different types of support."

Young Carers Awareness Day raises awareness of the challenges faced by young carers and campaigns for greater support for them. The theme for this year’s awareness day is CountMeIn which calls on education providers to do more to identify young carers and ensure they are supported.