At YSS accreditation and awards are something we’re very proud of, so we are delighted to announce that we were recently reassessed for the Matrix Standard and, as a result, are accredited for a further three years.

To achieve the accreditation we have had to meet strict criteria and demonstrate IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance) to the highest standard. As part of the process our service users, volunteers, staff and stakeholders were interviewed across three days.

The Matrix Standard is a quality framework that promotes the effective delivery of high-quality IAG by ensuring that organisations review, evaluate and develop their services and the continuous development of their staff.

YSS is a charity that delivers a range of support services across Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Telford and Shropshire, and aims to create a society where people feel safe and have the opportunity to lead positive and constructive lives, and to achieve their potential. Staff work with a range of partners and networks to provide services which support the positive development of individuals, whatever their starting point.

Since the last assessment in 2015 YSS has continued to develop and improve the service it provides, including enhancing its communication across teams and creating a significantly improved website.

The matrix accreditation identified many strengths within YSS, including:

  • “The quality, integrity and passion of staff is apparent across all delivery. The client-centred approach is demonstrated through all services and excellent feedback from users and partners supports this.”
  • “Many anecdotes from [service users] showed the level of service provided as ‘above and beyond’ expectations.”
  • “Many service users felt they were listened to for the first time and all felt respected by YSS staff.”
  • “Despite working in an area of uncertain and often precarious funding, staff morale is high and people feel valued.”
  • “The website has been overhauled and improved and there is excellent use of a new HR system.”
  • “There is a commitment to ensuring the best possible service is provided to individuals and this is achieved through a clear, transparent relationship with other organisations which share the values and ethos of YSS. Partners value the provision offered by YSS and consider it very effective.”
  • “Continuous quality improvement is lived and breathed across the organisation and, to this end, the service has been honed and developed to provide excellent services for users.”

Lorraine Preece, YSS Chief Executive, said: “Matrix has spoken extensively to our service users, staff, volunteers and partners, their feedback has overwhelmingly endorsed the high quality services that YSS delivers and our  clear commitment to making a positive  difference to the lives of people with multiple and  complex needs.”

What next?

YSS will continue to maintain a high quality of providing Information and Guidance to all service users, partners, stakeholders and staff, ensuring people who are vulnerable, have complex needs and who face difficult life challenges are enabled to lead positive and constructive lives in society and to achieve their potential.

To read the full report please click here.