Two members of YSS staff spent a wonderful day at the Queen's annual Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday 29th May. Trish Jeavons and Sarah Bowcott represented YSS this year, after their names were drawn out of a hat.

Sarah and Trish spent the day at the Palace, where The Queen, Prince Harry and Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice were in attendance. YSS is allocated two tickets each year for a royal Garden Party because we have a royal patron – HRH The Princess Royal. The tickets are allocated alternatively to trustees and staff. 

Sarah said: "It was an honour to attend the Queen’s garden party on behalf of YSS; it was a once in a lifetime experience that I shall cherish forever." Trish described the day as 'wonderful', adding: "The rain may have dampened our frocks but not our mood. It was a real privilege and a wonderful opportunity, and something I shall never forget."

The Queen invites 30,000 people to attend her garden parties every year. Most guests are invited for their significant contributions to local communities and include representatives from chosen royal charities.