Partnership working makes sense for lots of different reasons, not least the potential to improve services and increase reach for those we work with.  Working in partnership also provides a vital opportunity to view and understand issues from different perspectives, and offers more ‘joined up thinking’,  bringing together people from different backgrounds, recognising that they all bring particular agendas, skills, resources, connections, understandings and organisational cultures.

YSS truly values partnerships, and understands that they are the hallmark of the charity's work. At YSS, we recognise that the charity does not offer a single solution, and that to be truly effective, we need to continually develop and work in partnership. From one-off projects to long-term arrangements, and working across voluntary, public and private sector organisations, working in partnership allows us to deliver the best outcome possible.

Lorraine Preece, YSS Chief Executive

Often, YSS works in complex multi-agency partnerships which requires a real commitment and understanding of the needs of others. Partnership working at YSS ranges from working directly with grant-making organisations, other charities and local authorities, to joined up working to deliver a project alongside other agencies and professionals, as well as making and receiving referrals, and sharing information. 

Lorraine sits on a number of boards for different organisations, including the Criminal Justice Alliance Group: 
YSS is also a member of the Standing Committee for Youth Justice, Shropshire Assembly, Worcestershire Voices, Young Solutions, HVOSS and the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies. 

To find out more information about how you can partner with YSS, please contact [email protected]