We asked our volunteers to tell us what they think of their experiences. Read some of their comments below:


Of the charities that I have encountered in my time, YSS has the best organisational background and support systems that I have come across. Apart from that, they are one hell of a smart group of people to call friends.



YSS offers fantastic support for its volunteers, with regular meetings and social events to get involved in too. Furthermore, YSS is currently helping me complete a work placement module at university! I could not be more grateful for the new experiences, support and flexibility YSS has offered me and would recommend volunteering with YSS to anyone wanting to help make a difference to someone else’s life, and to their own life experience too.  



I know when I speak to a YSS member of staff I will be supported, advised and helped, at the same time as being allowed to get on with my role. They trust me to do it right and that means a lot to me.



The best thing about volunteering at YSS is the feeling that I am making a difference, and putting something back into the community. 



YSS has enabled me to become part of my local community. As I was new to the area I was looking for a way to meet new people and allow me to challenge myself and do something to help others too. I've really enjoyed my role, had fabulous support and training and I hope I can continue as a YSS volunteer long into the future!



At times, mentoring can be frustrating; it is certainly challenging. Mentoring is also a privilege; it is humbling and immensely rewarding.



I became a volunteer because I wanted to give something back. I chose YSS as I was particularly interested in volunteering within the criminal justice field. Volunteering for YSS has allowed me to support people who are living locally to me, but perhaps have not had the same life chances. My outlook on life has really been broadened.



I became a volunteer because I wanted a career change. YSS appreciated the variety of transferable skills that I could bring to the table and welcomed me with open arms. YSS sees its volunteers as an integral part of what it does. As a volunteer, I am valued and respected and feel like a member of the team.