YSS has been making it happen since 1986

YSS measures impact to:

  • Know what has changed as a result of our involvement and to understand the extent and intensity of the change
  • Be able to  benchmark and make comparisons
  • Understand what works and what doesn’t work - learn and make improvements 
  • Test assumptions
  • Evidence of value for money
  • Be accountable

We have developed bespoke management information systems to help us to effectively capture the work taking place and the impact it has, to show the difference we are making to people’s lives. We are able to produce comprehensive reports that not only give reassurance to those who fund our work around the quality and impact of the work delivered, but allow us to continuously improve and develop our services in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for those we support.

Feedback from those we work with is vital in this process. This is obtained in a number of ways – both formally and informally - and used to drive improvements in services.

Headline Achievements 2018/2019

  • Supported over 2,000 people per month
  • Secured Shropshire Early help service funding until March 2021
  • Secured Appropriate Adult funding until Sept 2021
  • Secured Remember Veterans funding until March 2021
  • Secured Get Safe diversionary service funding
  • Raised new funds for Worcestershire Young Carers from Worcestershire
    Community Foundation #iwill campaign

"I was able to look to the future in a positive way"

ARC and Divert provide one to one support to 13-24 year olds who are in, or at risk of being involved
in, the criminal justice system. The services take place in communities across Telford, Shropshire,
Worcestershire and Herefordshire. The overarching aim of the service is to use a trauma informed
approach to reduce the likelihood of the young people entering the criminal justice system and to
identify and support into positive activities.

“I had hit rock bottom before I met my support worker, Beth. The work and progress we made was
insane! I’m very proud. Some of the things we did included learning the best way for me to cope with
the challenges I was facing. I was provided with help and services to look to the future. Because of
this I was able to look to the future in a positive way. Beth was always by my side regardless of the
situation. She even brought me food in A&E. I am now clean of ALL drugs four months along. I have
a good job with my own accommodation and life has never been better so as well as myself I must
thank you all for the hard work and the service and the great people that YSS provide. And I hope
that in the future I could contribute to the great work you do myself.” Emma, Divert service user.

Case study

Ten years ago, Mike was convicted of burglary and robbery, for which he was sentenced to three years in prison. Upon release he gravitated back to his old friends and habits. Not knowing where or how to seek help and estranged from his family, Mike became increasingly isolated and lonely; he soon offended again and was back in prison. He was regularly using drugs and recognises now that this was an attempt to mask the pain and loss he had felt as a young adult. 

"I would like to share the experience that I've had with YSS. I applied to be met at the gate by YSS while in prison as I wanted help and support upon my release. a week before my release i received a visit from a member of YSS called Michelle. I was happy for the visit but wasn't sure what they could do for me of help me on my release as I had never experienced help on my release from prison before. I was met at the gate by Michelle and almost straight away she made me feel at ease and explained what YSS could offer me. I must say it was the best thing I've done because since I did all I have been given is help and support off my worker to better myself and my life and I cannot thank her enough for all the help and support she has given me." Mike, Meet and Mentor service user. 

For more information about our Meet and Mentor service, please see: www.yss.org.uk/meet-and-mentor

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