One can’t watch the #BlackLivesMatter protests, or indeed participate in a local protest, without reflecting on what this means for our local community, our place of work and our relationships with colleagues and friends.

We often dismiss racism as something that doesn’t happen around here – easy to say when you’re white and living in a predominantly white area. We all have a responsibility for addressing inequity of any kind and recognising our own bias – achieving equality is not about taking from some to give to others, it is about making society better for everyone’s benefit – surely that has to be good for everybody, including our children and grandchildren! As a charity that supports children and families, young people and adults, we are aware of the different facets of inequity, and we also know that a trusting, non-judgmental and open mindset make a difference to all our relationships.

We want to live our values.  

We stand against racism in any form.

We stand for a society in which people of any colour and background are given equal opportunities to thrive.

We are prepared to listen, learn and actively work to help make this happen.