What is #MORSE?

#MORSE is an innovative safer roads initiative that is funded by West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion. It aims to reduce the number of road traffic offences being committed on the roads throughout West Mercia (Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire and Telford) and make our roads and communities a safer place.

#MORSE is a partnership between YSS, West Mercia Police Operation Snap team, Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service, Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service and Warwickshire and West Mercia Community Rehabilitation Company (WWMCRC). The service does not focus on the offence in isolation, it looks holistically at the individual, focusing support around the individual’s need.

Referrals are made:  

     1. Through the West Mercia Police Operation Snap team who target those individuals who are at greater risk of committing a road traffic offence

     2. Through the WWMCRC, targeting individuals who have been convicted of a driving offence including careless driving, dangerous driving and driving whilst under the influence of drink and drugs

     3. Through routes such as drug and alcohol agencies, and local colleges

     4. Anyone who is concerned about an individual’s  driving behaviour can refer onto the service by completing a referral form (please contact Chris Cosgrove, below, for further information)

About Operation Snap 

As part  of Operation Snap members of the public are encouraged to submit digital footage showing potential traffic offences.  This can range from driving dangerously or carelessly, using a mobile phone whilst driving to overtaking on solid white lines.  All submissions are dealt with proactively to help reduce risk taking and poor driving on our counties roads.

How can #MORSE help?

All #MORSE referrals are submitted to a central YSS email address; YSS assesses and supports individuals across a range of areas, enabling the individual to overcome life challenges. YSS provides weekly support, at times and places suitable to the individual; the frequency and length of the support depends on the individual’s need and motivations to engage. 

Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service offers specialist one to one and group based sessions focused on the individual’s driving behaviour.  The sessions are designed and delivered to focus on sustained behavioural change and looks at the impact their driving behaviour may have on themselves and others.

Watch our short video, to give a shapshot of what #MORSE is about:

Where is #MORSE delivered?

#MORSE is delivered throughout West Mercia: Herefordshire and Worcestershire, Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin.

Case studies

Alfie has been receiving support from his #MORSE link worker, Verity, since December 2019, following a driving conviction. Since January, Alfie has been recovering from a life-changing spinal injury while proceeding through the criminal justice system. He has recently been discharged from hospital and is continuing rehabilitation in temporary supported accommodation while waiting for permanent resettlement. Verity has been helping Alfie manage his debts, has provided a character reference which is essential to help him find suitable accommodation, and has drafted emails to the Magistrates Court regarding his upcoming court appearance which he was unable to do with his injury. She has also provided mental health support for Alfie's anxiety and been a 'listening ear' for him when he felt isolated and alone. 

Since the Coronavirus lockdown, I have felt let down by other services. I have been receiving phone calls from different people each week. This has made me feel like a tick box number and has meant I've had to continuously repeat myself. Verity has helped avoid these repeated conversations, allowing me to establish a better rapport with these services. Also, the mental health support I was receiving, ended since the lockdown and I had limited contact with friends and relatives. Verity has put this support back in place through YSS, which is really helping me get through this hard time.

After receiving three speeding fines within a couple of months of each other, Emma decided that she needed to tackle her negative driving habits, and got in touch directly with #MORSE. After losing her job, she had been struggling with depression for several years and had debts which needed paying off. Together, Emma and her MORSE Link worker developed a support plan which included counselling, workshops on budgeting skills and employability skills.  Emma was referred to the fire service, who supported her to think about the consequences her driving may have on herself and others. Emma is feeling that she is moving forward more positively with her life and is less stressed, both on and off the road.

I knew that I needed to do something, and get some help, but I wasn't sure where to go. My keyworker has really supported me and hasn't judged or criticised me, and I have found the counselling really helpful. I don't feel so alone in all this.

Martin was referred to #MORSE via Operation Snap. He is 25 and has been drinking heavily since he was 17. He has difficult relationships with his family and dropped out of college before completing his course. He has been convicted of drink driving and there was a concern that he will continue down a self destructive path without the right help. Martin’s #MORSE link worker has been working with him to address the main issues, including his drinking and relationships; the fire service has been looking at his driving behaviour and helping him identify the triggers that cause him to drink and drive. Since taking part in #MORSE, Martin has become more in control of his drinking; he has joined a gym and taken it upon himself to get back into college.

MORSE has helped me realise that how I feel affects the way I drive. I’m feeling much more positive and in control of my life now and have cut right back on the drinking.

Contact #MORSE

For further information, or to make a referral, please contact:

Chris Cosgrove – Senior Link Worker

[email protected]

[email protected]

07717 766153